End-to-end TSN with IP routers


  1. Connect existing AVB devices with minimal (preferably NO) changes to firmware even when there are IP routers in the path. This will likely require gateway functionality somewhere, perhaps located within routers. 
  2. Enable future AVB devices that are IP-native (not requiring a gateway function). 
  3. Allow both centrally-managed and self-configuring options ... preferably both on the same network without interfering (and hopefully cooperating)

Initial (very tentative, for discussion) proposal: 

  1. Assume all devices use 1722a/1722.1 for streaming and control New "native IP" devices use 1722 over IP as currently envisioned. 
  2. Native IP devices use Bonjour discovery, including the "wide area" discovery specified in (xxx ... someone help me here) ... this allows a high level controller to query a server for devices. 
  3. Connection management uses an SRP++IP protocol *that uses 1722.1IP* as the transaction layer on top of UDP (no reason to have more than one). Path discovery would be based on a decision tree starting with directly managed paths, to IS-IS, to default RSTP. This would be the "UNI" that Norm Finn talks about. 
This is new work, but let's try to keep it simple and only specify one option at each level. Router code would be needed to interface the SRP++IP to SRP++ to set up the L2 circuits. 

How do we do this?

  1. Set some use cases (preferably no more than four ... heterogeneous home net, some industrial application, big audio system, big video studio.
  2. Draw some transaction diagrams of what this might look like. Include all the "how the hell does this work" notes.
  3. Start filling in the gaps.
  4. Build a prototype, tear it apart, do it again.

I've set up a github repository (https://github.com/mikejt/TSN-IP) to hold the "source" for this project. I'm not certain at this point what that really means beyond a bunch of text and figures. There will be a set of web-readable docs and likely some code, but I expect that most of the "code" will actually be part of other projects and we will only need to provide links to it.

If you want to be a contributor, send an email to me at admin@802tsn.org and include your full name, your affiliation (what the IEEE and other SDO's call your company/organization/school/whatever), and the email address that I should use to respond to your request. You should also specify a username that would be used to log into this site ... if you don't, I will choose one for you.

Note that all contributions will be public and the author's name and organization will be listed. The email address of the contributor will be kept private.