What this is ...

... is a place for cooperative work between various contributors to the set of standards commonly known as "Time-Sensitive Networking" or "Audio Video Bridging". This is an experimental site to test the potential for using Google Apps to create documents that can be edited by multiple contributors, even simultaneously. This is not a replacement for the formal IEEE 802.1 or IEEE 802.1 Time-Sensitive Networking Task Group sites, just an informal place for cooperative work. The former name of the TG was the "IEEE 802.1 Audio Video Bridging TG", but the name changed in the fall of 2012 since the efforts are moving away from a strictly audio/video focus towards a more generalized project in time-sensitive networking.


Here is a short list of summaries of 802 TSN and related technologies: 
  1. The chair of IEEE 802.1 TSN gave a keynote speech "A Time-Sensitive Networking Primer: Putting It All Together" at ISPCS 2015 in Beijing.
  2. A number of the contributors to the standard(s) have written an article published in the Proceedings of the IEEE, and the contributed (not final) version of the paper can be found here.
Note: In general, all contributions to this site are completely public, and must adhere to the IEEE 802.1 policies on copyright and confidentiality notices. If you want to contribute, you must also agree to a simple set of conditions (there are no anonymous contributions, and you have to "be nice"). In order to contribute:
  1. join the public discussion on the 802.1 Working Group email reflector 
  2. submit an agenda request for a FtF meeting or for a call
  3. upload your contribution (follow the file naming convention please).


The details on face-to-face meetings of the task group are available at the IEEE 802.1 meetings page; agenda requests can be made at the TSN agenda request page. The details on virtual meetings of the task group are available at or IEEE 802.1 Time-Sensitive Networking Task Group site; agenda requests can be made at the TSN weekly call agenda request page.